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The Promise of the Holy Spirit by Fr. Joel

Today [Sunday, May 25] is a special day for us in this parish because we are not only celebrating our usual Sunday mass but also we are celebrating our Pastor, FR ALBERT BECHER who has been working in the Lord’s vineyard for thirty good years. I mean, not ten or twenty, but for thirty years. Please let us all stand and appreciate him for giving himself to the church.
From the gospel of today, we are celebrating the promise of the Holy Spirit by Jesus Christ to his disciples. He has been with them, giving them companionship, guidance, leadership and protection. But, all of a sudden, Jesus was going to leave them and will no longer provide all of these for them. Their fears then could only be imagined. It’s because of this fear that Jesus had to assure them of the coming of the Holy Spirit to assist them. He promised he was not going to leave them alone like orphans, and he assured them of another advocate. He himself was an advocate to them. This new advocate was to be with them forever; even though he will not be seen by anyone because he is a spirit without a body. Yes, though unseen, he will work wonders within them and through them. This advocate will give them strength from above to perform great things in the name of God.
This promise by Jesus was fulfilled on Pentecost day. And ever since then the Holy Spirit has been working wonders in the Church through her members. One example of such people the Holy Spirit has been using to work wonders in the Church is FR. ALBERT. For thirty good years he has sacrificed the joy and comfort of family life, worldly possession and the freedom to do what he likes only to become a servant to the people of God. He was born and brought up in the Philippines, but today he is serving the people of God in the US. Before now, he had served at St. Patrick in Dallas, and St. Francis of Asisi in Lancasta. It’s exactly one year now since we report to this parish, and I can clearly see the numerous changes and development recorded in Holy Family of Nazareth. Even a blind person can perceive these changes in this our parish. All these happened because of the commitment, diligent and hard work of FR. ALBERT in giving this parish a wonderful leadership. Off course, without your cooperation these wouldn’t have been achieved. You people made it possible for all the changes and improvements to take place. All the ministries and communities have been doing quite good that is why we have all of these growths. We need more of your cooperation so that this parish will continue to grow from strength to strength. The Holy Spirit can use you to do great things for the glory of God if you give him the opportunity.
Surely, God has been using us to building on what others have done before. FR. ALBERT took over the mantle of leadership of the parish at a period of serious challenges, but today, we give thanks to God for using him and every one of us to bring progress to Holy Family of Nazareth. His style of leadership is unique; leadership by example. He is an embodiment of humility, love and hard work (examples: not authoritative, gentle, dawn to earth). I am so blessed that I was assigned to work with such great man of God. Holy Family of Nazareth is blessed to have such a wonderful Pastor. May God bless FR. ALBERT. May God bless you all for your support, contributions and sacrifice to Holy Family of Nazareth Church. And may the Holy Spirit continue to use us to do more wonderful things for God and his Church. Amen.