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Wedding Guest without a White Robe by Fr. Joel

white fabricThe parable in today’s gospel reading tells us how the original invitees to a wedding feast did not show up. They all gave different kinds of excuses. Some even maltreated and killed the king’s servants, who had been sent to them. However, the feast had to go on. Therefore, the king ordered that his servants go invite everyone they find on the streets

The original invitees represent the Jews/the nation of Israel. God had entered and made a covenant with them to be their God and they were to be his people. But the Jews failed to keep their own part of the covenant. They failed to live up to expectation as God’s people. They chose to follow the ways of the pagan people around them. So, they rejected God’s invitation given them to attend the wedding feast of his son.

With this disappointment, God gave an open invitation to all people of different races, nationality and language: Greeks, Romans, Europeans, Arabs, Asians, Africans etc. This invitation brought a lot of people into the wedding feast. And up to now people are still coming into the feast. Those who accepted this invitation are those who accept and acknowledge Jesus as the son of God and are his followers by words and examples.

However, it is not enough to enter the feast, but one must be properly dressed with the right guest attire. You must be with a ‘’wedding garment’’ If not the king will throw you out of the feast. This means, if you are not in the state of grace/purity/holiness, you will be thrown out. This happens each time that we are not able to receive communion because we not in the state of grace or not in good standing with the church. So, we must always conduct ourselves in such a way that we will always be at the feast/Eucharist of the son of God, Jesus. Any time we fall into sin, we automatically throw ourselves out of the feast of the son of God. By virtue of our baptism, we have been given the wedding garment (white garment), and we were encouraged not to stain it, but to make sure we meet Jesus with it pure and unattained.

Are you accepting the invitations of God to serve him in your family, church, and society? Today, are you wearing your wedding garment? Are ready to participate in the feast/ Eucharist of the son of God today? What about our parish festival, are you ready to participate? Remember, we shall be judged base on how well we accept these invitations, and on whether or not we wear our wedding garment always. Have a great day and enjoy the festival.


Matthew 22:1-14