Our God is a God of Justice by Fr. Joel

In the first reading of today, God promised to punish the proud and evildoers.man-in-church But to reward those who fear him and do his will with justice and healing. The Psalm said that the Lord will come and rule the earth with justice. It is a song of thanksgiving to God for his rule of justice to his people.

In the second reading Saint Paul encouraged the Thessalonians to follow their examples of lawful and hardworking lifestyle in order to earn a living. He discouraged laziness and unlawful behaviors by the people for the sake of peace and justice. He said those who do not want to work hard should not eat. I think that is justice and fairness.

In the gospel, Jesus talked about uprising in the world that will serve as signs of the end of the world. He encouraged his followers not to panic but remain faithful to his teaching.  He said there will be uprising such as fighting among people and between nations, earthquakes, plagues, and signs in the sky. Furthermore, he said we shall be persecuted because of our faith. All of these are causing fear in us. But he promised to be with us and support us with wisdom and strength to overcome our fears and enemies. He said that we should bring all our labors and burdens to him and he will give us rest. He also encouraged us to persevere to the end in order to be reward with justice and peace.

All of the readings talked about justice to the people of God. Unfortunately, there are many instances of injustices in our society. Many people are mistreated and denied their rights. Many people are discriminated against in our society. There are many people who deserve justice but they are denied. There are many others who do not want to work but want to eat in our society. There are those who work less but receive more pay than those who work hard. There are divisions in our families and communities. There are all kinds of violence and lack of peace as a result of lack of justice around us. Our world needs justice in order for peace to reign in our lives. When our lives are full of uncertainties, fears, injustices and dangers, is time to go on our knees and pray to God for help instead of fighting one another.

Therefore, we must all come together, stay together, pray together, and work together for justice and peace in our society. These, we need to do urgently and now before it is too late. The elections are over but our feelings toward the outcome of the election are different. Before and after the election we were divided. We should embrace the spirit of sport men and women and be united as a nation and accept the results. We must not allow the outcome of the election to divide us and lead us to hatred for one another. Let us pray to God and ask him to intervene and to be with our new leaders and give them the wisdom that they need to lead this country toward peace, love, unity, and progress.

As Christians, in whatever situation we find ourselves, we must not forget our mission to preach the gospel. The gospel of Christ has not changed. It is still the same and we are all called to preach and bear witness to it at all times. Though we might be persecuted for doing so, we should not give up. Therefore, let us be at the fore front to promote peace, love, unity, and progress in our country. Let us be kind to one another, show love to others, forgive one another, and support each other to succeed. let us pray for our leaders so that God will use them to take away our fear, anxiety, division, and hatred, and use them to bring to our families and communities love, peace, unity, and progress.

The God that we serve is capable of making a path for us even in the sea; provides food and drink in the desert; and pulled down the walls of Jericho and delivered to his people victory against their enemies as he did to the people of Israel. The Bible tells us that the spirit of God given to us is not the spirit of timidity but of courage and strength to withstand challenges to the end. Therefore, let us go on our knees and pray to God for help. He is capable of assisting us especially in times of trials. Let us concentrate on living out the gospel values and bearing witness to it so that the God of justice will grand us eternal justice on the last day.




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