The Challenges of begin Disciples of Jesus Christ by Fr. Joel

In the first reading, prophet Isaiah said that the Lord asked his people to share their salt_and_light_4-29-16resources with the less privileged in society. And that the Lord will answer their prayers and he will favor, protect, vindicate, and make them shine like light upon the world. The Psalm said that the just man will shine in darkness because of his good deeds. Saint Paul in the second reading encouraged us to rely on the power of God rather than human wisdom. The gospel acclamation said that whoever follows the Lord will have the light of life. In the gospel Jesus is the fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah about the light of God coming to shine on earth. Jesus said we are the salt that will give taste to the world and light that will shine upon the earth and make it a brighter place to live in.
By virtue of baptism, we have been called to be light, salt and cities on hill top for the world to see and experience the goodness of the Lord. As light and cities on hill top, we cannot afford to be hidden; instead we are to shine and be seen by everyone. We are expected to shine brightly for everyone to see through our good works. We have received the light of Christ and we are to shine brightly and dispel the darkness/evil of the world. Our words and actions are to become shining examples for the world to follow. The Christian faith and life breeds joy, love, mercy, generosity, forgiveness, patience, peace, and justice in our society. The Christian faith and life brings purity, flavor, and preservation like salt does to food. Let us live and show examples of all these virtues in our daily lives.
Our world is full of so many evils and we have been called to eliminate them through our good deeds. We have been called to follow Jesus Christ and to continue to reveal the presence, love, mercy, and the glory of God on earth. As Christians our lives should be pure, shining, tasty and attractive to the people of the world. We have been called to be disciples in order to promote and preserve the gospel values. Being light and salt to the world means sharing our resources with the poor, showing love and mercy, fighting injustice and uplifting the oppressed in our society.
A good Christian cannot afford to hide in the midst of people because his or her good deeds will always be revealed to the world. If we are not seen by others, as a Christian, it means we have lost our taste, value, and flavor and we have become the same with the people of the world. Every one Christian should be able to bring light, taste, value, and flavor to his or her family, friends, community, and the general society. We are like the sun, moon, and stars that bring light and warmth to the earth. No matter how dark the night is as soon as the sun raises it disappears and everywhere becomes bright again. That is how true disciples of Jesus are to be to the world that is full of evil/darkness. Therefore, as Christians, salt, and light let us endeavor to bring light to the world, bring taste and flavor to the world. Let our words and deeds become attractive and contagious so that people can come join us to worship the living God. Please be a true disciple of Jesus and be light, salt and a city on the hill top for other people to see and follow Jesus.





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