Fr Albert’s January 13th letter

Greetings in Christ,

The Baptism of our Lord is the inauguration of his missionary activity, having been sent by the Father. John was baptizing people with water; Jesus too submitted himself for baptism although he did not need it as the people did. Two things happen during Jesus’ baptism. The heavens open as the Holy Spirit descends upon Jesus; and a voice from heaven affirms Jesus as God’s beloved Son. The way has now been prepared for Jesus’ missionary works for our salvation.

Baptism is important as a sacrament of initiation as Jesus started His work with it. We are also reminded of our baptismal promises and vows to live daily. Our baptism made us spiritually united to Jesus as Christians. It made an indelible mark upon our soul, making us children of the Father in heaven, through Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. Before a candidate is baptized, it is important that the parents, together with the godparents, are prepared for their responsibilities. Chosen godparents need to be practicing the faith above all, and not only because they are close friends or business associates. This is expected of godparents to reinforce the serious responsibility that the child grow and mature in the same Christian faith. All of us are expected to live our faith in Jesus daily as witnesses of Christ’s love.



Fr. Albert B. Becher, Pastor



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