Fr. Albert’s January 20th Letter

Greetings in Christ,

At the wedding in Cana, Jesus performs His first miracle. Let us remember the role of the Blessed Mother here; she is the one who is very sensitive to the needs of the host family. They feel honored by the presence of their many guests, but come to the point of shame when they run out of wine. Mary shares her concern with Jesus, who asks how this concerns Him. The Blessed Mother is very confident that her Son can do something good for the bridegroom during this time of need. Mary tells the servants, “Do whatever he tells you”. They obey Jesus, filling six stone jars with water. The water turns into wine without anyone’s knowledge of how it happens.

This miracle happens to all of us, in troubled times and in good times, when we hear Mary’s voice saying the same words, “Do whatever he tells you”. God speaks to us through our conscience, telling us to do good and to avoid evil. As we follow these words of Jesus in our conscience, Jesus leads us to walk in the ways of God, away from sin – doing good works for God. More than this, God is changing something in each of our hearts and lives, even without our knowledge. Then we find ourselves happily doing favors pleasing to God and to our neighbors. This is like the miracle at Cana happening in our life!



Fr. Albert B. Becher, Pastor



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