Fr Albert’s January 27th Letter

Greetings in Christ,

After Jesus’ Baptism in the river Jordan, he returned to regions of Galilee, proclaiming the reign of God and performing miracles. These are pagan territories. Jesus taught in their synagogues very successfully and was praised by all. Jesus was filled with the power of the Holy Spirit.

From Galilee, Jesus moved to Nazareth, the place where he grew up, extending the story of his mission’s fruitfulness. Entering their synagogue, he stood to read, choosing Isaiah 61, which describes a prophet anointed by the Spirit to bring good news to the poor, embracing corporal works of mercy. Having finished reading the passage from Isaiah, he hands the scroll back to the attendant and sits down. Jesus is “this” prophet mentioned. He utters only one sentence: “Today this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing.” Jesus is proclaiming that he is the prophet so designated in Isaiah chapter 61. He is the one who is to come, and in fact he already has come, and his ministry will demonstrate this claim.

This week we continue praying for the awareness of Christ’s presence as the Universal Teacher of the truth, because He is Truth himself. May his presence be recognized and honored in schools as we begin today to celebrate Catholic Schools Week.



Fr. Albert B. Becher, Pastor



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